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Department Information

Our highly professional staff provide reassuring and reliable treatment.

The university hospital is composed of departments that specialize in different fields of oral care. An overview of each department is provided and doctors of each department are introduced.

Preliminary Examination

"University hospitals have a lot of departments. Where should I go to for a consultation?"
The answer to this question is the Preliminary Examination Department. The Preliminary Examination Department is the front door, so to speak, for patients seeking their first dental examination at Kyushu Dental University Hospital. Here, the dentist will ask you about your reason for coming to the hospital (main complaint), how long you have had the problem, and how the problem has developed over a period of time (history). In addition to asking about dental problems, the dentist will also ask about your overall health (medical history), and will then refer you to a specialist to determine on a course of treatment.
The Preliminary Examination Department works hard to ensure that the treatment of first-time visitors proceeds smoothly. Please contact us if you have any questions about your dental care.

Oral Health Care

The Oral Health Care Department provides oral care focused on routine care, such as preventive treatment for cavities and gum disease, and oral care for patients who require nursing care. Our goal is to improve both your oral health and your overall health by providing oral cleaning and oral care before and after oral surgery (the perioperative period), basic cavity treatment, and periodontal maintenance after dental treatment, orthodontic treatment, and implant treatment, in addition to oral cleaning, oral care and advice on dental health for patients who have been admitted to other hospitals, patients who have been admitted to facilities, and elderly patients.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Unlike specialized departments for specific areas of treatment at the university hospital, the Comprehensive Dentistry Department is responsible for general dental treatment with a focus on primary care. The department provides the treatment necessary to improve and maintain your oral health. We focus primarily on treatment and prevention of cavities (restoration and endodontic treatment) and pyorrhea alveolaris (gum disease). We also offer treatment plate dentures, dental implants (crowns and bridges), and maintenance after these treatments. We consult with specialists in other departments, if required, to provide referrals as needed. We also perform dental checkups, such as periodontal disease examinations, dental checkups for expecting and nursing mothers, and complete dental health examinations.
This department plays a central role as an educational facility for the university hospital. Most of the research dentists, interns and residents gain experience under dentists in this department acting as advisors.

Division of Tooth Therapy (Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry)

The Division of Tooth Therapy (Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry) Department offers treatment to conserve teeth. Dental treatment includes restoration treatment, endodontic treatment, and cosmetic dental treatment (crown prosthesis treatment for individual teeth). This department performs thorough examinations using high-resolution cameras inside the mouth, and high-precision treatment using dental microscopes. We are also conducting trial treatments for patients with intractable toothaches in conjunction with other related departments.


Periodontal disease is an infection caused by the periodontal pathogens in plaque. Due to recent reports indicating that periodontal disease can cause diabetes, arteriosclerosis, aspiration pneumonia, and low birth weights, we also focus on the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic illnesses. The Periodontics Department aims to contribute to the promotion of good health and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases through periodontal treatment.


The Prosthodontics Department provides treatments using a range of prosthetic appliances such as crowns, bridges, and dentures to restore occlusions (bite), and to treat mastication disorders, dysphonia, and cosmetic problems. Our specialists and advisors are certified by the Japan Prosthodontic Society and Japanese Society for Temporomandibular Joints and our dental practitioners are certified by the Japanese Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics and the Japanese Society of Magnetic Applications in Dentistry. These specialists, advisors, and practitioners provide special treatments, such as treatment with maxillofacial prosthetics for damage to the teeth, jaw, mouth, or face caused by external wounds, malignant oral tumors, cleft lip and palate, treatment of temporomandibular arthrosis thought to be caused by malocclusion, fittings for sport mouth guards, and oral appliance treatment for patients with sleep apnea.

Implant Dentistry Clinic

Our Implant Center performs prosthodontic treatment using oral implants for patients whose oral function is difficult to restore using regular treatment methods, e.g. patients who find dentures uncomfortable and are unable to use them long term, patients who are unable to chew hard foods, and patients wanting to improve their appearance. In addition to implant surgery, we offer a range of solutions for cases in which it is extremely difficult to restore oral function, such as temporary use of conventional dentures. We can also provide second opinions regarding implant treatments, and we treat a wide range of jaw bone defects and alveolar bone defects in cooperation with oral surgery specialists.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our goal is to treat a range of problems that occur in children from the time they are infants until elementary and junior high school age, and to help children have healthy permanent dentition and oral function. To achieve this goal, we provide long-term oral management including the prevention and treatment of tooth decay in baby teeth and young permanent teeth, periodontal disease, and tooth damage, and the promotion of good teeth alignment and better dental bite. These treatments are performed by staff who are trained as specialists in pediatric dental treatment, including three specialists and two specialist instructors who have been certified by the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry.
The Pediatric Dentistry Department is a child's first dental treatment experience and can feel unfamiliar and sometimes scary. As caregivers, we do everything we can to be gentle and create a cheerful atmosphere in the treatment rooms. Children who are frightened on their first visit tend to be more relaxed after several visits. For children who are extremely afraid, we use nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation or general anesthetic. All of our staff strives to provide treatment in line with each stage of a child's physical and mental growth and development.


The Orthodontics Department uses orthodontic treatments to correct malocclusion, eliminate physiological impairments (actual impairments) and psychological impairments (mental impairments), and help improve a patient's quality of life so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.
We also aim to build good occlusion using orthodontic treatments based on comprehensive dental treatment.

Geriatric Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation

This department specializes in dental treatment for patients who require special considerations when receiving treatment. We focus on the treatment of dental and oral diseases that are common in elderly patients and multi-drug recipients, the treatment of dysesthesia and diseases relating to the saliva and oral mucosa that support the oral environment, and rehabilitation aimed at maintaining and improving the mouth and eating functions. In addition to outpatient treatment, we also offer visitation treatment upon requests from medical institutions.

Relief (Dental treatment for the physically and mentally handicapped, including children with disabilities)

This department provides patients with disabilities with dental treatment in an environment where patients can feel at ease and reassured. Such patients include those who have not been able to receive dental treatment because they have severe body movements caused by extreme fear (mental development disorders), have hearts or respiratory problems (physical problems), have a phobia about dental treatment, or have severe gag reflexes. We treat our patients with methods that incorporate language or environmental behavioral therapy, inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen, intravenous drug sedation, or general anesthesia. The latest treatments for people with disabilities are offered in cooperation with dentists who are specialized in dental anesthesia and dental treatment of people with disabilities as well as other specialist in the university hospital.

Anesthesia, Dental Anesthesia, and Pain Clinic

This department offers preoperative care for patients scheduled to have surgery.
Patients (children or adults) who are apprehensive about receiving dental treatment and those who have other illnesses can receive dental treatment by relieving their tension simply with medicine or gas inhalation. They can even receive treatment in their sleep.
We use medication and nerve blockers to minimize pain in the mouth and surrounding areas and alleviate numbness after dental treatment.

Oral Medicine, Jaw Deformities

The Jaw Deformity section of the Oral Medicine Department provides expert diagnosis and treatment of jaw deformities, oral mucosal disease, oral abnormalities associated with systemic illness, temporomandibular joint diseases including temporomandibular joint disorder, invasive treatment for people with illnesses, and bone formation for implant pretreatment.
We perform in-hospital surgical correction of jaw deformities that present the main symptoms of abnormal bite alignment or underbite, in cooperation with orthodontists who work in our hospital and related to hospitals. We also diagnose, treat, and alleviate symptoms for all oral medical problems including oral mucosal diseases, such as ulcers and blisters in the lining of the mouth, bacterium-virus infectious diseases, candidiasis (mycosis), precancerous leukoplakia lesions, autoimmune diseases that create problems in the mouth as part of the manifestations of an inflammatory disease or systemic disease such as Sjogren's syndrome, neurological or hematological disorders that accompany oral problems, and xerostomia. The Oral Medicine Department also plays a key role in the treatment of temporomandibular disorders that present with pain in the jaw joint and TMJ. For patients suffering from systemic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, we offer safe, invasive treatments such as tooth extraction with appropriate monitoring of the patient's condition in conjunction with the patient's primary physician.

Oral Surgery

This department primarily performs surgical treatment of congenital and acquired disorders that manifest in the mouth, jaw, and face. We are in charge of treating oral diseases that require surgical treatment, excluding decay (cavities) and periodontal diseases. We provide treatment for a wide range of oral diseases, including tooth extraction and treatment for mouth cancers.

Dental Radiology

The Dental Radiology Department performs imaging tests and diagnosis for disorders that occur in the oral, jaw, and face regions. We are recognized both in Japan and internationally for our diagnostic accuracy with CTs and MRIs of malignant tumors, dental implants, and temporomandibular disorders. We receive numerous requests for imaging tests and diagnosis not only from the Kitakyushu area, but also from Yamaguchi and Oita. Our dental cone beam CT equipment can provide accurate diagnosis of tooth disorders. In addition to dental clinics, we also receive radiology requests from local medical hospitals and are able to provide accurate diagnosis through Net Medical Center. We remain committed to radiation therapy and 18F-FDG-PET diagnosis on a daily basis in cooperation with the Kitakyushu Municipal Medical Center and the Kitakyushu PET Examination Center.

Internal Medicine

In the Internal Medicine Department, we listen carefully to our patients’ complaints and offer diagnosis, mainly conduct drug therapy, and provide guidance on lifestyles. We may refer patients to other hospitals depending on diagnosis. Specialists from many different fields, including cardiovascular, diabetes, gastrointestinal, endoscope, and hypertension specialists, are involved in treatment.


This department performs general surgery, particularly gastroenterological surgery, mainly for inpatients undergoing dental procedures in this hospital and for dental outpatients. Specifically, we provide preoperative and postoperative support for dental inpatients, treat bedsores, and insert and fix central venous catheters for administration of fluids, such as intravenous hyperalimentation (IVH). We also provide urgent surgical care for outpatients.

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