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We provide education, conduct research, and perform clinical practice as a university of oral medicine.

Kyushu Dental University has made major contributions to the advancement of dental medicine and dental care with its long history and tradition as the only public university out of 29 dental universities and faculty of dentistry at universities. In 2014, we celebrate the centennial of the university's founding with the intention of further improving and developing our educational, research, and clinical activities as a university of oral medicine.

In today’s medical and dentistry educational systems, more value may be placed on just producing professional practitioners. However, here at Kyushu Dental University, we make changes to meet the demands of our times because we are determined to train our students to be dental care practitioners who are truly professional and possess a sense of humanity.

We also engage in cooperation with other universities. In 2009, we started an integrated graduate studies program for dentistry and engineering with the Kyushu Institute of Technology.
We are working to develop a research environment that allows for cooperation with other fields. As a part of this effort, Kyushu Dental University, in cooperation with other three universities in the Kitakyushu region, launched a project in 2012 that aims to develop future professionals with expertise and skills that meet regional demands. The project receives grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

We hope that our graduates will play active roles in society as leaders in dental medicine and dental care in Japan and other countries after completing their studies here at Kyushu Dental University.

Dr. Tatsuji Nishihara
Chair of the Board of Directors and President
Kyushu Dental University, Public University Corporation

Dr. Tatsuji Nishihara

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